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Humane Restraint

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L100 Lock   L200 Lock    Leather Hobble

Technical details

L100 Lock

Q. Do you have any more Product Sheets that we can have copies of to put on the site?

ARMRESTRAINT.JPG (22221 bytes)

Old Style Leather Muff 



HRBEHINDBACK.JPG (25642 bytes) 

New style Muff with roller buckles



Secured here with a short length of strapping. Better to use a locking strap around the waist. See lower down page. 


i_6_b.jpg (21737 bytes)i_5_b.jpg (13929 bytes)i_4_b.jpg (20946 bytes)i_3_b.jpg (15362 bytes)Note the L200 locks on the cuffs and waist strap for added security. Made to special order via http://www.juronco.net/

HUMANE_RESTRAINT_170.JPG (33614 bytes)Old style Leather mitt which uses a detachable strap to secure the Mitts either to the bed or around the waist of the wearer. Different slots used to adjust the sizing to fit the wearer.


HR_M_200_MRT.JPG (7948 bytes)HRMITTDETAILLARGE.JPG (83181 bytes)HRFISTMITTLARGE.JPG (91674 bytes)

  Mitts (Centre picture made in Feb 02 - see stamp) Made to special order via http://www.juronco.net/


HUMANENONGIMTWO.JPG (23923 bytes)humane1.jpg (17694 bytes)HUMANENONGIMONE.JPG (18052 bytes)Straight Jacket. No under arm loops or central chest strap to locate the wearers arms and thus prevent them from being lifted over the head.


SJ_HR_SLEEVE_ENDS.GIF (88632 bytes)SJ_HR_SLEEVE_STRAP_CUSTOM.GIF (131796 bytes)SJ_HR_SLEEVE_STRAP_UNDER.GIF (190305 bytes)Pass the arm strap under the rear centre strap to make it more awkward for the wearer to lift their arms over their head


STRAIT_1_2.JPG (41706 bytes)

img53.gif (86384 bytes)hrlc2.jpg (86054 bytes)hrlc1.jpg (172389 bytes)Locking ankle and wrist cuffs on webbing straps. These are none locking but locking versions are available. To prevent, and I quote, un-authorised release (not escape?).


bed.jpg (63768 bytes)

 M_2001_06_19_11_M.JPG (267366 bytes) M_2001_06_19_12_M.JPG (270859 bytes)  M_2001_06_19_09_M.JPG (263894 bytes)DAS_HR_PROBLEM_3.JPG (30793 bytes)

Good adaptation (aluminium collet) to prevent wear. Do you know who did or can do this?

 hobble1.jpg (119778 bytes)tt3310.jpg (24099 bytes)

Leg Hobble with L100 Lock.



HUMANE_BELT.JPG (23920 bytes)

Handcuff belt with attached cuffs and provision for another pair of hinged or chain cuffs to be used through the large central ring.


mnd_101.jpg (39292 bytes) 

Wrist/Waist restraint - Fixed Cuffs.


mndl_401.jpg (42748 bytes)

Wrist/Waist restraint - Variable Cuffs.



bett1.jpg (18250 bytes)Purposes made restraint bed. Note curved top to locate tyhe body and to allow fluid run off. Fixing rails on each side for the restraints run the length of the bed which is also secured to the floor. 



ho2ab.jpg (12749 bytes) 

Wrist Cuff L200 Lock (prone to wear around fixing hole)


HR_36_BELT_MRT.JPG (9652 bytes)

Belts with the L100 Lock or roller buckle are available from 18" and in 6" increments up to 78"



HUMANE_RESTRAINT_182.JPG (32855 bytes)mnd101.jpg (26836 bytes)

Genuine 'in use' shots.



Slow ‘em down with the leg weights,
available in 10 ($77) and 20 Lbs.($98)  bags.
This product impedes running or kicking.
Application is easy and fast with two hook and loop straps;
a locking leather strap provides additional security.
Tough vinyl covering allows for easy cleaning.