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Control by Electrical Restraints 


The stun belt and there is even a patent (see     & use the button in the bottom right hand corner to enlarge picture) for a set of stun cuffs, use high voltage and low amperage to temporarily disable a prisoner attacker for several minutes. The stun belt does not rely on pain for it's results if you believe the makers. The energy stored in the stun unit is "dumped" into the prisoner's muscle system which causes them to do a great deal of work very rapidly. This rapid work cycle instantly depletes the prisoner's blood sugar by converting it to lactic acid. In short, he is unable to produce any energy for his muscles, so his body is unable to function.  The stun belt also interrupts the tiny neurological impulses that control and direct voluntary muscle movement. When the prisoner's neuromuscular system is overwhelmed by the stun unit, he loses his balance as well as the desire to screw with his guards. Should the prisoner be touching you when the stun occurs, the current WILL NOT pass to your body!


There are three know stun belts or R.E.A.C.T. (Remote Electronically Activated Controlled Technology) being made currently. The REACT stun belt, made by Stun-Tech Inc., Cleveland, Ohio, USofA is considered to be the best but not easily obtained. A belt of this type costs between $ 700 and $800. In its promotional literature, Stun Tech lauds the deterrent value of its product: "After all, if you were wearing a contraption around your waist that by the mere push of a button in someone else's hand could make you defecate or urinate yourself, what would that do to you from a psychological standpoint?" Nova Products of Tennessee a competitor of Stun Tech, touts the "take-down" quality of its electro-shock weapons. Most of the products out on the market, the company's Web site claims, "will not take a person down .... Nova products are superior because they will take a person down." 

Strapped around the inmate's waist, the belt delivers an 8-second 50,000-volt charge through electrodes placed near the kidneys, triggered by remote control that can be as far as 300 feet away. The shock can cause involuntary defecation and urination. In the words of one police officer, who submitted to a trial run of the belt, the shock felt as if someone, with "nine inch nails tried to rip my sides out."

The Nova RACC BELT RB-7000 raccbelt.jpg (51775 bytes)


RANGE:  200 feet line of site 100 feet obscured 


PULSE RATE: 17 to 22 pulses per second 

CURRENT: 3 to 4 milliamps equivalent

FEATURES one size fits all with D ring for handcuffs fcc compliant safety dual activation switches emergency magnetic cut off switch proven XR-5000 technology 

Available for purchase is this belt made by the Force Group, P.O. Box 39118, BOOYSENS 2016, JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA

Tel : +27 11 683-2932/2083
Fax : +27 11 683-7794
Email: forceg@mweb.co.za 

Force Anti'Scape Stun-Belt uses minimum force and acts a non-lethal deterrent which is ideal for prisoners and aggressors in transit to prevent escape and ensure the protection of law enforcement personnel and innocent bystanders. Once activated via long range remote control (50 to 100 meters), the belt offers a 50 000 volt shock on all sides  together with a 110 dB siren.

2[1].gif (50416 bytes)Stunbelt2.jpg (50999 bytes)stun_belt[1].jpg (24901 bytes)




* Long range remote control activation 50 to 100 metres.
* 110 dB earpiercing siren to attract unwanted attention.
* High voltage, Non-Lethal but effective shock all around the belt from one point to another.
* Pre-set adjustable timer for duration of warning siren and shock.
* Cables throughout the belt prevent it from being cut with a knife.
* Fully rechargeable, complete with Ni-Cad battery and charger.
* Tested by and in use with South African Authorities.
* Wrist and arm restraints as well as as handcuff ring.
*Velcro plus D-Rings ensures belt to be securely locked.
* Unlike with firearms there is no permanent damage or use of unnecessary force by using this equipment.
* Fully warranted in accordance with the Force Manufacturers warranty against faulty workmanship.

1. Non-lethal but effective electronic shocking device with an output of +- 50,000 and pulses of 1,4 micro second duration at an average current of less than1 micro amp.
2. 110 dB warning siren
3. Long range remote control activation of warning siren and shock 50 to 100 meters.
4. Keyswitch ON with standby light indicator.
5. Standby time approximate 40 hours.Operating time +- 2 hours continuous activation or 900 activations.
6. 8mm thick and 60mm wide by 140mm long belt, made from robust webbing and covered with lasting and durable Codura material provides the basis of the belt. Added to this is the pouch which houses the energizer box.
7.The belt tightens with strong seat belt bands through D-rings and Velcro for added security.
8. The seat belt straps also secure the upper forearm and a heavy duty ring is also fitted to further secure the aggressor with handcuffs.

12 VOLT 650 mA RECHARGEABLE Ni-Cad Battery .
1. A single charger in robust box input 220/110 volt AC is supplied .
1. 12 months on faulty workmanship which warranty has been honored since 1985.
2. Sealed removable energizer box for easy maintenance and repair.
S&H: Please check the Quote option if ordering more than one item.

On sale now for $625 + shipping from http://bodyarmour.safeshopper.com/16/cat16.htm?954

Also available from Nova are prisoner control devices.

The  CPS-6010 CAPTURE SHIELD capturec.jpg (15075 bytes)and the RPS-6020 RIOT SHIELDriot.jpg (9026 bytes)


VOLTAGE:         50,000 VOLTS
PULSE RATE:    17 to 22 pulses per second
CURRENT:         3 to 4 milliamps equivalent

clear polycarbonate for clear view
rubber padded aluminum handles
can be labeled "sheriff,police", etc.
proven XR-5000 technology
maintance free lithium battery
made in USA

The TER-4 AND TER-8 terb.jpg (9583 bytes)terf.jpg (9282 bytes)

VOLTAGE:         50,000 VOLTS
PULSE RATE:    17 to 22 pulses per second
CURRENT:         3 to 4 milliamps equivalent
TER-4: expands from about 3 feet to 4.5 feet
TER-8: expands from about 5 feet to 8 feet

forward shaft is "HOT" to prevent grabbing
two piece construction for transporting
rugged construction
proven XR-5000 technology
maintance free lithium battery
made in USA


The Band-It™ has been approved for use by the US Department of Justice and adopted by the US Marshals Service, the Federal Bureau of Prisons, and many state and county agencies to prevent violence during the transportation and court appearances of potentially dangerous inmates or defendants.

The Band-It™ prevents prisoners from grabbing any sort of weapon from law enforcement personnel. The device consists of an electronic cuff that is placed on the subject, and delivers an immobilizing shock if the subject attempts to attack anyone. The shock can be delivered by an operator up to 150 feet away through a wireless remote. The Band-It™ emits 45,000-50,000 volts at 4-6 milliamps output, which is enough power to temporarily immobilize a prisoner.

"We made the Band-It™ to give law enforcement a responsible, less-than-lethal way to maintain courthouse security," said Mr. Gruder. "It is designed to protect everyone involved in the transport of prisoners - police and corrections officers, judges, court officers and the defendants themselves."

Defendants and prisoners wearing the Band-It™ are informed in advance that the device will be activated if they attempt an assault or make any hostile movements during the court proceedings, or if they attempt to escape custody or tamper with the Band-It™ system.

The Band-It™ was used on the "Virginia Sniper," John Allen Muhammad, who was convicted of several Washington DC-area murders in 2003.