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From: PB
Sent: 30 May 2010 09:05
To: matron@theoriginalinstitute.com
Plastic Pants Repair

I get these great plastic pants from a well known company, they have great fit and texture, but the side seams come apart if you wear them every day.

Well I've discovered that a little vinyl adhesive does a great job repairing vinyl seams that have separated. Even better, I've discovered that applying the same vinyl adhesive to the seams of a new pair of plastic pants prevents the seam from separating. I'm psyched because I love these pants except for the fact that they tend to come apart at the seams. A little vinyl adhesive to re-enforce the seams has increased their usable lifespan tenfold.

The vinyl adhesive I used is actually a tube that came with a water bed mattress repair kit. There is no brand name, it just says 'Vinyl Repair Adhesive'. The active ingredient is 'methylethylketone' if that helps. I'd imagine any vinyl adhesive that you might find at a hardware store would work. I'd look for the active ingredient on the label.


(Ed -After getting tired of spending two pounds for a small tube of styrene glue, we looked at solvents in the plumbing department of the nearby plumbers merchants.  Turns out the PVC cleaner primer is mostly made of methyl-ethyl-ketone (MEK).  It works almost as well as pure MEK, which seems only to be available at very large city paint stores.  Even the smallest can represents a great saving. We decanted the solvent into the small glass containers we saved from the commercial cement.  It turned out to be good fortune we saved them becauser they seemed too good to throw away.  These solvents are nasty - be sure to ONLY use them in a well ventilated space. )


From: K
Sent: 30 January 2010 13:05
To: matron@theoriginalinstitute.com
Subject: A blog of interest

Dear all,

First I'd like to thank you for keeping this website alive. It is full of of good ideas and useful resources.
Today i would like to contribute a little something readers might enjoy.
Not all of us can act out their fantasies in real world, luckily there is a web service called Second Life (r) where you can.
I found a spot called Terminal Island and here is the link to a related blog.
It isn't just a prison, but also has a mental institution so i consider it fitting.

Kind regards

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From: John *******[mailto:***********@******.com]
Sent: 04 February 2006 21:12
To: theinstitute@blueyonder.co.uk
Subject: Diaper bondage & discipline


I have visited your excellent site and my wife and I have read your most interesting page on Effective Diaper Domination. My wife has been using this type of control and domination for years, and I am made to wear diapers on a regular basis, even in public.

Interestingly enough, she has been using and practicing many of what you write about for years. Around the house I am always made to wear very thick layers of diapers (combination of Molicare Ultra Plus disposable diapers, cotton diapers, and plastic pants), and  strictly forbidden and prevented to use the bathroom, forced on a daily basis to wet and soil my diapers. When I manage to hold it for a day or more, I am always spanked severely, given suppositories and/or enemas, and then forced to expel in my diapers. After being cleaned and re-diapered, my wife usually re-uses the same soiled and wet diapers - minus the bulk of the bowel movement - which are refastened with the help of duct tape, for a few days in a row. At night, my hands are a always tied in such a fashion that I cannot remove the diapers or masturbate while she sleeps in her own bedroom.

 One thing she has learned from your site and page, is the use of a large butt plug holed through, as in the past she was simply using a normal large butt plug for discomfort, especially when going out shopping or to lunch or dinner somewhere. Now the modify butt plug allows me to soil my diapers while feeling the discomfort of the plug. A typical punishment for heavily soaked diapers is for me to be spanked while gagged with the piss-soaked diapers taped securely in my mouth, which forces me to swallow some of my own urine. When she has such punishment in mind, she feed me asparagus the night before, to make the pee smell and taste very strong.

I though you might be interested in hearing some feed back from a sub with first-hand experience.



From: J [mailto:J********@*******.com]
Sent: 29January 2006 09:29
To: theinstitute@blueyonder.co.uk
Nursery treatment

Dear Lady A,

It may be some consolation to the gentleman who wrote to you regarding the 'nursery treatment' accorded to him by his wife, to know that he is not the only husband to be dressed and treated as a baby. My own husband, for many years now, has spent much of his time at home wearing babified dress, fastened in diapers, and generally being treated as a rather troublesome and fractious infant.

It began soon after we were married, when I discovered one day to my horror, that he was a into a ‘lifestyle’. Utterly disgusted at first, I threatened to leave him, whereupon he begged me not to, promising faithfully that he would not offend again. But I knew that, given the chance, he would still want to indulge, and so, after much consideration, I issued my ultimatum - I would stay with him, provided he agreed to wear whatever clothes I chose for him, and allowed me to take complete control.

Only too willingly he did so, but it must have been a nasty shock for him, when, a few days later, I ordered him up to the bedroom, and fastened him up in a very short, pretty little pink silk frock and a flounced and heavily belaced white cotton petticoat, and when he then had to lie on the bed, whilst I taped him into a disposable diaper and plastic panties, his humiliation and embarrassment knew no bounds! He tried to protest but was sharply reminded of his promise, and with a pacifier popped into his mouth to still further discomfort him, he was taken back downstairs to spend the rest of the day in his new attire.

Ever since; he wears his plastic panties suitably padded at all times, lightly for work and the rest of his baby attire is worn, whenever it amuses or pleases me to put him into them. To his great shame and embarrassment, several of my closer woman friends, have been made aware of this situation and he quite often spends an evening with us as our 'baby', being teased and ridiculed in his pretty infant clothes, until he begs most pitifully to be allowed to escape.

I must emphasize that this way of dressing him and treating him, is in no way a punishment in my mind. It was he himself who first elected to wear this attire, and his short frocks and little frilly petticoats are merely my choice of costume for him. Making him wear nappies 24/7 is done simply, as a refinement of humiliation, and in order to keep him unpleasantly and most shamingly aware of my authority over him. It is always made quite clear, to any visitors who see him, that his baby dress is only a furtherance of his own wish to be thus dressed.

If, for any reason, it is necessary to punish him, then I use methods somewhat similar to your correspondent. Some years ago, I bought a crib, which has been installed in our bedroom, and when 'naughty', he is put down into this, hospital restraints being used to strap him down in it, on his back. Of course, he is too big to lie in it comfortably, but must do so with his knees parted, as his ankles and wrists are secured, making it impossible for him to do more than wriggle about uncomfortably until he is freed. His frock and petticoats are removed before he is put into the crib, but his diapers are retained, of course, and a pair of plastic panties as normal.

In this pitiable state, he is left for as long as I consider necessary. At intervals, he is given a feed from a baby's nursing bottle, and should he be foolish enough to disturb me by making any noise, he is gagged with my panties. The punishment may last for anything up to 24 hours, and if, during this time he wets himself, he is scolded for his naughtiness. But I do not change his nappy and he remains in babyish misery and discomfort until released from his humiliating bondage.

I find a small wearable bedwetting alarm very useful. I got him one a Birthday present which he opened ah his party. The alarm is connected to a moisture sensitive pad that fits into his diaper. When the bedwetting alarm detects moisture it sounds, and I know he's wet. I fit him with this obviously during the night but also day times when we are out. It help me with monitoring his condition and I think you can imagine the looks he receives when it sounds and people  look to find where the noise is coming from.

I think it is essential for a number of reasons, two of the main ones are hygiene and role reinforcement,  to cover the mattress with a plastic or rubber sheet and for the same reasons I also ensure the pillows and covers are in plastic cases. The sound and smell these give off are a constant reminder of the control that envelops him. Yes, crinkly rubber or plastic sheets protecting the mattress and bedding are a must. I make a big point of of pointing out the amount of protection he is surrounded with when I tuck him in at night and its lovely to see the look on his face when I drop out in conversation that he bid is thus protected. I have found it very effective and I always make him clean up after himself when needed. A nice way of reinforcing my control and showing it is something he has no control over. Rigorous checks are made of his work and any errors or mistakes punished.

I have a few random thoughts I would like to pass on which I have found helpful and I put them down in no order.

  1. Restrict bathroom use at all times especially just before bedtime.
  2. Do not let him sit in the bathroom all day! Why do men have to sit so long?  Its a good idea to make him part his legs and monitor him doing his duty. This is a privilege you are allowing so limit time allowed strictly and get him back into his diaper quickly. Don't forget to check the bowl for cleanliness and correct him as needed.
  3. I find a pacifier very useful and keep one handy in my purse for when he shows decent or talks back. He acts up and in it goes no matter where we are. I use a pacifier clip and cord short enough to prevent it from wrapping around this neck, but will also help keep the pacifier from falling on the ground. His face is a picture as I clip this on him and then push the nipple between his teeth.
  4. Odoban is an excellent way to cut down odors. Febreeze is another alternative, but it is not quite as effective.
  5. Pullups are very effective as a short time measure if you are staying away from home pr going on holiday. Don't forget a waterproof sheet.
  6. Get him a diaper bag, fill it and make sure he carries it and has it with him al all times.
  7. Use doublers to ensure the diaper has a good capacity and gives a VDL.
  8. I use glycerine suppositories to challenge his control and demonstrate mine. Three or four Inserted at bed times are most effective.
  9. I always scold him when I find him wet and have him display his wet diaper. Corner time is good here. This is also one of the reasons why I favour transparent plastic panties.
  10. Get him an adult sized potty and make him use it. A good punishment for bathroom misuse!
  11. Keep a diaper pail with a lid  handy and make a big thing of using it.
  12. Always keep a good supply of diapers and other supplies. Keep the diapers in a place where he can see them frequently and know they are there for him.
  13. Diaper tapes are always useless so reinforce them with duct tape to prevent droopy diaper. A complete wrap around his body is good. Two spaced apart are better. They also make it harder for him to remove the diaper undetected ;-)
  14. Always air dry plastic panties, bedding and diapers in a place where they can be seen. When I need to explain their use I just explain they are used by my husband as he has a little problem. I have never failed to get sympathy when saying this as it is always been assumed that it is a medical problem. The next tip is one I received as a result of using just this excuse.
  15. To deoderize cloth diapers and bedding add vinegar to the wash and even rince water. This gets rid of the urine/ammonia smell and do not worry any residual vinager smell will evaporate without harm. You can keep add five to six cups of vinegar to the diaper pail with water to keep the smell neutralized between washes. Nappy fresh or white vinegar or tea tree oil can also be used. Most experts caution against the use of chlorine bleaches for diapers and colored material. I certainly agree, so I only use and recommend borax based bleach, such as BORATEEM. Some special diaper detergents, such as DREFT contain some borax bleach. IVORY SNOW is another old favorite, but it contains no such borax. Plastic panties should be washed as soon as practical after use, especially if stained with poop unless you have a reason for not doing so.
  16. On the subject of smells. I love to spray  a little of my favourite perfume onto his diapers.  I find this is a lovely subtle reminder to him as he catches a waft. Two scents I do use to make him smell nice are Mommies Diaper Fresh Scent  and Mommies Powder Fresh Scent. These will make him smell just like the smell you get from baby diapers or baby powder. Both keep that special aroma with him 24/7 when I use them and they work very well on his bedding as a reminder.
  17. I use a Checkmate Semen Detection Kit to monitor if he has been naughty. Even with very close monitoring and threats of punishment he is a male and must be closely watched if he is to be prevented from playing with what I now consider to be my little toy. The Checkmate kit is the best way to monitor as its results can not be questioned and it give clear evidence.
  18. Final one. I love to give him a presents of diapers, pants and dresses etc for his birthday and Christmas. His face is a picture as he opens them and even funnier when people ask him what gifts he has received, more so if I am around to prompt him to remember.

In spite of the way he is treated, and more probably because the way he is my husband loves me and respects me for being able to dominate him like this, and has come to accept his need to be governed and controlled in this way. Yes, we have sex, but its only when and in a way I want it. He may squirm sometimes at the humiliation imposed upon him, but he would be lost without 'Petticoat Domination', and he knows it.
Yours truly,

J. L. (London, Ohio)

From: sinclait [mailto:sinclait@****.**.**]
Sent: 29 January 2006 23:41
To: lady_alexandra5@yahoo.com
Subject: Thanks for Pony Plans... here is a description of the apparatus I mentioned

Dear Lady Alexandra,

Belated thanks for the Pony Plans PDF you sent me.
I hope to build and use it... perhaps I should say "build it and have it
used on me" LOL.
As mentioned in my original email, here is a description of the "interesting and useful" piece of equipment I have thought up. Please feel free to mention this on The Institute, or any other site or forum. This is my own
idea, but is not developed enough to claim any kind of intellectual property right in it, so I do not. I hope you or some other devious mind can develop and improve it!
The Cock-Ring Game Board
Imagine a typical metal cock ring. Now imagine an 18" square tile or wooden game board about the same thickness, with a hole of the same diameter.
The game board could be secured onto the male genitals similar to a cock ring, couldn't it? (Of course it could!) (Ed how about a set of stocks?)
Now, imagine if the 18" square tile or wood was framed in a sturdy short table, such that a male could lay on his back and the table could rest over his abdomen and stomach, with his privates protruding through the cock-ring
hole. His wrists could be restrained inside the width of the table legs.
Results? A nice, level playing surface with a set of engorged male genitals in the centre.
The board area could be painted or carved/inlayed into various game board designs: anything from Nine-Men's Morris, to Cribbage, to Parcheesie, etc.
Or perhaps the players simply want to play cards.
More about this below.
The Players: Two Dommes sit at opposite sides of the little table, playing their games. To make things more "interesting," they could play for money; and the male who was lucky enough to be invited to be the "centrepiece"
should also have contributed some substantial sum to the Pot of money.
Winner: Winner takes all the money and is allowed to bring the male to orgasm (Ed or cause pain?) with her hands or whatever implements she is  skilled at wielding!
Between Moves: Whatever game is played on the board, the player who has just moved tips a three-minute sand timer and spends the time either teasing the males genitals erotically or tormenting them with CBT. A roll of the dice
could decide the result (Odd=pleasure teasing / Even=CBT). This assures that by the end of the game, the male is turned on and frantic to ejaculate. Of course, if one player causes an accidental male orgasm before the game is
over, she loses and must pay some penalty... perhaps an additional sum of money, put up before game time, held in escrow.
Which Game to Play?
Some games would need a game board area that is  painted or prepared in some way: cribbage, parcheesie, nine-men's morris. Other games, such as poker or black jack could use a plain board.
Game Dungeon: One can imagine a special establishment, where males may come and put up a "stake" in order to be fastened into one of these game tables.
Woman clients (Ed or men - equality here) then play the game, with the House getting its cut. Or perhaps the game is always BlackJack, with each table having its female House dealer and multiple female players coming and going all evening, as the Pot builds and builds, accompanied by the confined male's level of arousal.
Each game table or station could have its own furnishing for tormenting the male subject's genitals: wartenburg wheel, cock whip, stainless steel alligator clips for the scrotum and wooden clothes-pins for the shaft.
(Ed how about an electrode lining the hole and each player being given a button to push?)
Private gamers might favour genital play-piercing needles. Some tables might be fixed with a special angled whipping post to which the erect male organ could be fastened, holding it a perfect target for the cock-whip.
At any rate, there is such a potential for "fun," and there are so many possibilities for games that I have not created a drawing for this table,thinking it better to leave that to whatever interested parties decide to make it real.
One design feature, however, must be mentioned: the cock-ring sized hole in the game board table. Cock rings come in various sizes, and so must the game board, if only one hole is to be used in each board. Alternately, the hole could be made a little bit large and the "slack" between real hole size and subject male's cock-ring size could be taken up by means of a length of thick surgical tubing with a dowel plug to hold it together. The male organs
are drawn through the hole in the table, then the surgical tube is wrapped around the cluster, with the ends fastened by inserting the dowel plug. Thus, the any male can fit through the hole, but the tubing prevents his ability to
pull out. Other similar ideas present themselves, so I will not elaborate beyond mentioning sliding table halves, inserts, etc.(Ed just my thoughts ;-)
Above you have the total collection of my ideas on the subject. I hope you find them useful and interesting... and I must say I would certainly love to be the 'subject' of such a game!
Sincerely Yours,
Do you have any devious adaptations to salix's work? Send them in if you have. Who's going to be first to send in a picture of a completed game board?

From: S********@***.co.uk [mailto:S********@***.co.uk]
Sent: 23 July 2005 00:43
To: theinstitute@blueyonder.co.uk
Subject: Experiences
Thanks for a wonderful site and I thought you may be interested in this real experience.
Following a recent op I had been fitted with a catheter which had slowly become uncomfortable and before I knew it I was being driven to outpatients at the Urology Dept. for the removal of the catheter.
Talk about a double-edged sword. Removal would end the irritation I’d been experiencing since walking up after the operation, but there was no guarantee I’d be completely continent and the word on the streets was getting the bloody thing out was more painful than surgery. My major worry was having to wear incontinence pants to avoid that most embarrassing of complaints – trouser dribble. After all, I was far from senile.  I was also 46 and had until recently been suffering from prostate cancer.
These thoughts occupied my mind as I made my way to the office of the Senior Nurse. She smiled (a bad sign) and said the procedure would only take a few seconds and was painless. I made a mental note never to buy a used car from her. She also told me the experience would rank as one of the strangest I would ever have.
She was right, thank God! Removal took 10 seconds. I felt no pain but the sensation of a balloon being deflated in my nether regions remains one of the strangest I have so far experienced. As I waved goodbye to the catheter, I said hello to some National Health incontinence knickers. At the best of times I don’t look good in plastic underwear (yes I have tried them before) and, struggling to put a pair on in front of a nurse whilst trying not to re-open my wound, I hoped against hope they would prove unnecessary.
Do people sound different when walking in plastic knickers? Play and real life are so different. I left the Urology Dept. with a large pack of supplies and walked back to the car. I could hear every scrape and scratch during this walk, and I felt everyone else could too. The relief, if that is the right word, I felt once in the car was immense.
When I’d first been diagnosed I asked what exercises I needed to do to avoid the possibility of incontinence. Whilst my age made it highly unlikely I would suffer too much, the possibility of suffering at all was too great to bear. Having prostate cancer was not, in my opinion, the best thing that had ever happened to me but being unable to control bodily functions properly was beyond contemplation. It was suggested that to improve strength in my bladder I should stop mid-flow whilst urinating and then restart. I’m proud to announce that if I ever go on Mastermind it will be my specialist subject.
I needed to wee, but I also needed to start and stop the process myself. I had a vision of me in a club, excusing myself to go to the bathroom, disappearing into a cubicle and undoing the plastic knickers to discover several gallons of urine contained therein. Get out of that!
Time for the acid test. OK – what will happen when I remove the knickers and will I be able to control it? Never had I felt so utterly despondent at one view of my future. I checked everything carefully. It was a damp but, compared to my vision of hell in the club, perfectly acceptable. I pointed at the toilet and willed things to take their course. They did. One problem solved but one to go. Would I be able to stop myself properly? The answer was no and in a moment of divine inspiration I realised the future was not just bright but ladies’ sanitary pad shaped!
I'm not sure why but my wife get very turned on by all of this and thanks also to my little blue tablets so do I.
Good out of bad? You bet!

From: W********@***.com [mailto:W********@***.com]
Sent: 02 July 2005 00:43
To: theinstitute@blueyonder.co.uk
Subject: Re: the institute
Hi Lady A and s
Regarding my experience of having to smell knickers the background to how a lot of it started is pretty complex, basically I come from a family of four sisters and myself or more exact four half sisters as the old man wont even acknowledge the fact I exist (without going into too much detail and boring you) the basic premise is of course the sisters lived with him I lived with my mother and didn't get on with the sisters at all due to them taking the sperm donors side (old mans), however they were friends with the sisters of one of my friends so this lead us to clash quite frequent as we bumped into each other regularly, now I don't know to this day if any of this was plotted between them but one day whilst at my m8`s house taking into account we were all pretty young the first time this happened we were messing about myself my m8`s two sisters etc and I went into a bedroom cupboard to hide from them which was a big mistake as I was crouched down in a corner when one of them Lisa opened the cupboard and pretending not to see me and suddenly turned round and leant back into me I found my face covered by her skirt and her knickers pressed into my face, I turned my head away and shouted that she was pushing her butt into my face but she just laughed and repositioned herself so that once again her knickers were in my face and suddenly said smell them.    I found myself sniffing her knickers which were blue with flowers on but damn they didn't smell of summer lol her sister had heard her at this point and opened the cupboard to see what was going on, when she saw what was happening she was hysterical with laughter Lisa then moved away from me and I got out of the cupboard before I had chance to leave the room I was grabbed by both and pushed onto the bed and told not to move or else, both girls started whispering between themselves and suddenly I found them both sat on me pinning me down I asked them to get off but that fell on deaf ears, suddenly dawn looked at me and said the fact I'd enjoyed smelling Lisa's knickers so much she was going to make me smell hers and boy did she I suddenly found my head disappearing under her skirt, all I could see was her green knickers the smell was like nothing I'd experienced before, she told me that Lisa had decided to do it as she had been talking to the sisters and that they had been trying to think of ways of getting at me but which they thought i`d be to embarrassed to tell anyone about so that people couldn't work out we'd been communicating even if nastily without getting hassle off parents.    my m8 was too scared to say anything as my own sisters had said they`d make him smell their knickers if he spoke out and of course with four of them it wouldn't have been good.     on the downside not actually saying anything was a mistake in itself as it then became a frequent event.  
Even to this day I get teased as of course the story of me having to do this quite a few times and what lead upto it has been told by various people, my best m8 to this day actually told his own sister and she had the nerve to say if I upset her badly she`d be quite tempted to make me smell her knickers lol it even backfired on one who told his girlfriend but that's another story.
When I recall this it actually sounds pervy but its also nice that someone is prepared to here things out instead of just thinking its nasty like quite a few.


Some very agitated and combative patients despite being fastened into four-point leather restraints continue to arch and buck against the restraints with all their body mass, the momentum of which can cause the gurney to literally "go airborne" and actually be off the floor in convulsive hops that threaten to topple the bed over. This may be forestalled by restraining the patient with one arm "up"to the head of the bed and the other "down," or in Left Lateral Recumbent Airway Recovery position; a sheet or strap around the hips may prevent the requisite "bucking."

When this occurs, and it is not yet feasible to chemically restrain the patient, it is desirable to secure the safety of staff and patient. Do this by moving additional gurneys to either side of that upon which the patient is lying. Strap these to the first as "outriggers" so that the patient's bed has more mass than the patient can shift and is braced against lateral movement. This places the patient within a wide padded "island of safety." The patient who is acting out now is confronted with an insurmountable difficulty which allows him to "give in." Many will now quieten. Approach can be made across the top of either gurney to provide an intramuscular injection of Droperidol or other agent.

If the patient is being involuntarily escorted by staff into a seclusion room, it is not uncommon for him to resist being "caged" and to brace himself against the door jam. This can be prevented and overcome by his attendants doing a quick "surprise" wheel-about and enter the room backwards; the startle effect of this tactic and the fact that attempts to block passage will now go with the natural flexion of the arms leading to the collapse of the effort rather than reinforcement by locked arms. He may now be confined in routine fashion.

How do you control that struggling patient while trying to get the restraints applied?  Remember that the thumb is the weakest part of the hand. If you want to control the hand always grab the thumb. As the thumb is directed toward the radius, the arm follows. This also works when you are encouraging a patient to return to his or her cart. This is a wonderfully effective tool.

I hope this information will be of help to some of your visitors.

Nurse Lynda

I am always pleased when I read of men being kept under baby discipline as this to me is the most amusing and most effective of all ways of controlling the male sex. I cannot think of any more delightful spectacle than that of a grown man squirming helplessly in nappies and a pretty little baby frock and when he is presented thus attired to other ladies to be laughed at and teased and mocked until he literally weeps with shame. on holiday men should be kept as babies my man was dressed like a baby on holiday much to the amusement of the chambermaid at the hotel where we was staying and in the morning she would come in the room with a feeding bottle he was in his nappies and she came in sat next to him and put a bib on him and fed him yes he cried but he is a baby. i make it a point never to hide his baby condition from anyone. he whimpers when my friends visit and he is shown to them in his nappies. he gets his nappies changed in front of them and tries to resist but he knows better to resist. it is humiliating for him to have to lie across my lap shamelessly exposed with his frock up round his waist while i remove his wet nappy and pin a fresh one on him in front of visitors but as with the rest of the discipline this is something he must learn to put up with. sometimes my visitors change him and the humiliation and misery is even greater for him and i have seen him many times with tears streaming down his face as some amused lady pins him into his hated nappies oh well that's one of the joys of being a sissy adult in nappies forever.
No name give
  Just wanted to drop a line telling you I have the PX:Direct jumpsuit as well as many other jumpsuits designed to make sure I use my diapers for their intended use.  Of the jumpsuits I own, buck and buck designs are the most effective without locks. The sleeveless designs are very difficult, but not impossible to get to because the zipper ends in the middle of the scapulas, making reaching them difficult.  The px:direct suit is the most secure.  Once locked on, it will not come off without unlocking it.  The suit is very secure because the material it is made of is actually quilted, meaning it is difficult if impossible to tear.  The only problem is the size.  They only make one size and that is for someone who is taller and heavier than my 5'10" 200 lbs frame meaning I can pull my arms into the suit to play with myself.  But that being said, if my arms are locked to my belly chain or if i have a locking chain around my waist, that problem is no longer a problem.
  I also own jumpsuits from other companies made for Alzheimer's patients.  Most have good things and bad things associated with them, but my favourite company remains buck and buck designs because they have several styles including a bloomer dress.  All of their outfits can be modified easily and they are very good to work with.  Just remember, they are not a fetish company.
Topic HERE
My Dear Alexandra

I know that there are many nurses who do not deal with dirty nappies at all, and in some ways, who can blame them?
All the mess and smell and having to clear it up is hardly a pleasant task. It may be surprising to many then, having said this, that I am a nurse who not only is not bothered by this, but on many occasions will actually encourage it. Why do I do this then, when so many would not clean up the mess? Surely in performing this task I am demeaning myself and turning myself into the server of the patient?

My feelings about this are that there is a great amount of control to be had in forcing a patient to poo his nappy. Taking away his right to use the toilet not only for wetting, but also soiling is very controlling. I love to exercise control in this way, particularly if I have given the patient a suppository beforehand. That way he eventually has no option as to what leaves his body, or when, and he is often greatly embarrassed and humiliated by his babyish loss of control. My only stipulation is that it must always be done in a disposable or if it is done in a terry nappy it must have a large disposable pad in the centre. As I always use surgical gloves to clean the patient up afterwards it does not bother me at all, and I love to see him squirm as I lift his legs to reveal his most intimate areas while cleaning him and chiding him for the mess he has made.

It can also be good fun having put a suppository up the patients bottom to make him take a short walk in restraints around the wards so that it works its magic while we are out of his cell. I'm cruel like that. If I did not want to do this I simply would not.  The fact is, I truly enjoy it despite the nasty smell. There may be some things that other nurses do that I would not, but this is not one of them. So if you see me, do not be surprised if the patient I have in my charge is struggling to control the effects of a few suppositories held in place with an inflatable butt plug. It really puts me in charge, gives me a good laugh and I enjoy it!

Nurse Stephanie


Hi Lady Alexandra,

I'm not a native speaker, so please be forbear with my English.

I'm wearing diapers 24/7 because I have to. And I I'd like to tell you why.

My mom tried to force me out of diapers at the age of 1 year. This is really early here in Germany. Nowadays it is common, that kids stop wearing diapers during the day around the age of 3 but keep on wearing diapers during the night until the age of 4 up to 6.

The unknown problem was, that I was born with a too inelastic bladder (something that was found out only 4 years ago). So it was impossible for me to hold it longer than a maximum of one hour. The solution of my mother was, to put me on the potty every hour or so. Okay, it kept my pants dry I must admit. But the result was, that I didn't train my bladder muscles and that no medic ever took a look at my bladder.

So in the following years I had to go to the bathroom around every hour. If I would feel the urge to go, only seconds later it would be to late and my pants were wet. This happened a lot when I was a kid. And I had a lot of wet beds. My mother just ordered my to go to the bathroom more often.

School was horrible. It was impossible for me to hold it for the 90min before break. I sometimes wet my pants in class or had to leave during class.

When my little sister was born, my fascination for diapers begun. I think it was because I had the feeling, that this diapers can save me from this many accidents and so change my complete life (remember: I was a kid!). So I sneaked one or two and put them in my underwear for the night. I was caught by my mom and she was very very angry about that. But my wish to wear diapers stayed.

Some years and many accidents later (I was around 11) I got the nerves to buy a package of Pampers. They were great. Too small, but great. I wore them in my underwear for the night. And guess what: It worked. My bed stayed dry, the diaper didn't.

And after a while I begun to wear the Pampers in my underwear during school. No fear in class anymore. No wet pants. And my grade got better instantly.

When I was 12 years old, I went to the cinema for the first time of my life!! Before than I was to afraid, that I might have an accident and my mother didn't allow this anyway (for the same reason). It was so cool to be at the cinema. The big screen, the surround sound. So in my mind the diaper was the only thing, that made this big event in my life possible for me.

You see, this is the reason, why I like diapers, even I have to wear them.

This went on that way. I wore Pampers until I was 15 and joined a paramedic youth group. There we learned about incontinence and I saw adult diapers for the first time. Only 2 days later I went to a medical supply store and bought a package of Attends. Wow. They were great. And I started to wear them the whole day. In my personal opinion my life became better with this diapers. I could go out with friends, I became a cineast (??? Someone, who is really interested in movies and so.). It was great.

My mom found some diapers, when I was 13 and really freaked out. But I just let her shout and didn't care.

Four years ago I went to a urologist to check the problem. I was wearing diapers 24/7 at this point of time. He found my inelastic bladder and just the rudiment of muscles. I never had had the chance to become potty trained. But my mother refused to see this for all the years.

So, this is my story. I had to wear diapers but now I like them, because they make it possible for me, to live a normal life. And they really feel good.

Hi Lady A, Thought you may find how to calculation of amount of urine in a diaper of use

  1. First, know the weight of the diaper in ounces before use.

  2. Determine the weight of the used diaper in ounces.

  3. Subtract the weight of the unused from the weight of the used diaper.

  4. Divide this by 1.16666.

  5. This gives you the amount held by the diaper in ounces. To convert to cups, divide by 8. (US measurement.)

To determine the weight of the urine, first weigh the container. Then put in several ounces of urine. Get an exact measurement, and weigh. Divide this by the number of ounces placed on the scale.

The weight varies, though not greatly, by the quantity of water you drink.  You will be fairly close with the 1.16666 figure.

bob c

Hi Lady Alexandra,
I just love electrical play. One can fool your senses into feeling like you're getting screwed by using a strap-on bi-polar butt plug ($75) attached to a Tens unit ($70). The best feel will be with the contacts on the plug on the top to bottom instead of the ones with them from front to back. A lot cheaper, won't wear out or break, & the batteries last forever.

You'll swear you're getting the best screw of your life, & it won't stop until you shut it off or the batteries wear out in a few months.

I saved even more by making my own electric butt plugs. A tedious labor of love. I made them from a wide 'nuff wooden dowel, shaped it into a plug, & cut them to the perfect size.

I drilled a large hole through the center to relieve gas & substance pressure for long-term use, along with about a dozen smaller holes drilled into the sides, even at the bottom (to avoid clogging). I sanded, steel-wooled, & polished them super smooth. Then I coated the whole them in a high grade furniture polish, & allowed it to soak in so they were dry. Then put several coats of oil-base old fashioned varnish on it. I carefully fished 4- #16 solid copper wires through the holes so they're exposed at the top & bottom (and sides for when I want to go quad) of the plug. I screwed on a strap with a loop on each end to it. There's holes in the sides near the base so gas & substance can escape. Another strap goes through the loops & fastened tightly around the waist so the plug will not move at all. I prefer luggage or ski rack straps from the hardware store. They're strong, & never stretch or break.

Because of the danger of solids building up under long term use causing cramps or ruptures, don't eat a few hours before use (a good idea for all BDSM or butt play... the stress can cause cramps or nausea on a full stomach)& make sure you took a good poop before using. You'll also need a diaper or plastic pants. The holes in the plug defeat any bowel control. Normally it shouldn't matter if you take the precautions above, but for long term or hardcore S&M where you may turn up the unit so it hurts, more than just gas might escape. If you opt for the hole-less store bought designs, it can actually be messier. The build up may explode all over the place like old faithful when the plug is removed.

I usually squeeze the penis & balls through one of the leg-openings so they can be played with. For extra fun, a wire coming from the plug also goes around the balls. Then just pull pretty tights & bubble-style rhumba panties over the whole thing (easily pulled down to play). I could put duct-tape over the electric box's knobs so the settings can't be bumped or played with & just put it in the tights. That way one could be screwed or tormented while they're doing their chores, walking around or dancing. AMF every time I pull out the box & the plug, we call it going dancing because one can turn it up high enough to make 'em dance.

I have built a few boxes over the years almost as good. For the past 6 years I've been using a Folsom PSG-MAX so I can make things hurt a lot if I want it too. A cheapie 9-volt battery lasts months in it using it 3-8 hours a week. An alkaline will last 1/2 the year. The Folsom has been through a lot & been banged around a bit & has never broke down. Nothing worse than having an equipment break-down in the middle of the action.

Do not EVER attach you or your toys to something that plugs into the wall outlet (the mains) or you will die!!!

The plugs, I made 2, 1 for me & 1 for my lover (Safe sex! Do not share toys!), are 6 years old now, don't have a scratch on them, & still work with the original wires. Most of the stuff I build will probably outlive me.

It's a bitch to clean them with all those holes. I usually toss 'em in a bucket of hot water, bleach & laundry detergent to soak in the bathroom, & stir it around every time I'm in the bathroom. By the next day I rinse them in hot water, down the holes too, & they come out sparkling clean... retaining strap & all. 200F in the oven & they're dry in 10 minutes. Of course for all wood toys varnished or bare, no chemical lubes... vaseline only & they'll last forever... but that's why you need laundry detergent to clean them.
Keep up the good work. Just love what you guys are doing.

Petticoat-style discipline in 1950s America



I found your site by accident & thought you may be interested to know about my experiences in this regard...

I attended a prissy & strict Catholic boys' school in America during the 1950s. All students through age 15 were required to wear a uniform with short pants at all times, as part of the school's discipline philosophy. What made this a "discipline" was the fact that at that time & place in America, not only was the old custom of dressing boys in outfits with short trousers quite passe, the attitude toward such attire for males there then would get any youth so dressed called a "sissy" or "queer." Consequently, our being made to go in shorts caused us more than a little humiliation & indignation, not to mention teasing. The school's rationale for this was "to teach humility & in still docility." To "insure that these lessons will be properly appreciated as well as fully enjoyed," our shorts were deliberately sized to fit one as brief & close as possible. Indeed, with legs that extended little more than an inch below the crotch, these shorts were SHORT, and their snug-fit only enhanced the revealing sense. This certainly did keep us unduly self-conscious of ourselves & our behaviour, especially so for the adolescent lads, for whom the affect/effect of naked thighs & a tight crotch was provocative, in more ways than one. It also facilitated the most common form of CP at this school-- strapping one's inner thighs with a belt while standing before the class with legs spread wide-apart...
All things considered, I must say it "worked"...




From: satan handy [mailto:******@yahoo.com]
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Subject: Restraining Clothing

There is no such thing a restraint that can not be escaped from

every type of restraint can be escaped from , The human body is very unique that way

You have finger nails that can ripe down a seam , teeth that can shred through any fabric Sweat and spit that can be used as a lubricant Joints that can be put out of place

And being smart enough to know what to do while being placed in some sort of restraint to give you a way out

In the Psychiatric facility they have a minimum of Q15 which means they only check up on you every 15 minutes .

That's more then ample time to get out of any restraint they have and through It the floor and laugh in there face when they check up on you

Believe me I know from experience you could call me Houdini in that respect


Sly Handy