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A Treatise on Knickers

 By Jane

We know that women of all ages have used skirts and knickers as a tools of discipline. The nagging wife; the dominating mother; and even sisters; and of course - the female teacher. But why would any female feminize her man?

The answer is simple. We are not talking of true feminization but a by-product through which we introduce a control process. In the first instance women understand that most of the clothing assigned to them, high-heels, corsets, tight and billowing skirts, actually reduce their natural freedom to move. If the situation with your man is to be equalized you must transfer at least some of the clothing to men! Women also understand that men are frightened of being exposed to ridicule - and that knowledge can be used continually at all stages in life - to control the men we deal with. Frocking and petticoating, and sexual humiliation is merely an extension of that basic knowledge.

Girls and boys are quick to notice the 'differences' between the sexes long before there is any sight or knowledge of the same. How could it be otherwise? And it is clothing that separates the sexes! By the time they can walk they see the girl in skirts, the boy in trousers. We are being 'processed', trained to be more submissive by making us more vulnerable. Just watch the reaction of a mother when her skirted daughter climbs a tree! It is her skirts and underclothing that make her vulnerable - not the fact that she's a girl!

And the boy is trained too - he is warned away from pretty female clothing by ridicule. If you doubt this assertion try dressing a ten year old boy in his sister's jeans and T-shirt and trainers. But she could wear his clothes without a thought! No girl would be intimidated by a brother who said, 'You're wearing my shirt!' But can you imagine the fuss if she said, 'You're wearing my blouse!'

We, who correctly understand just how fearful men can be, use skirts and knickers to tame our men. The fear of being seen as a sissy or effeminate is so strong that they'd rather accept physical pain. But it is when two females conspire together that men are truly vulnerable. A domineering wife who acts in concert with a good friend can usually tame any man. I hope I can help you to help your relationship onto a different level.

If you are a male reading this beware! Some women use dildo-training! And a few take the Sissy Route to domestic control!

The object of this short dissertation is to bring to the notice of other dominant wives the power of just one simple garment - knickers.

First, let me dismiss the myths that, first, husbands should be allowed to choose their own underwear, and, second, that they look good in fashionable ladies' undies such as thongs. These garments are not attractive on males.

Husbands need  full-cut knickers which can not only accommodate their male parts, but by being obviously visible if care is not taken, also affords them discipline. After all. we dominant wives are here for two reasons: we love to humiliate and dominate our husbands - and we do this because - why? Because we love them, and value their adoring love and obedience in return. We revel in the pleasure they get from being humiliated, dressed and serving us - why? Because of their adoration for us.

With this in mind, I have found three types of knickers which variously fulfill the roles of humiliation, pleasure and subservience. And if you think I am being 'soft' on my husband, read on.

The first is the regulation English school knicker. Stoutly constructed in white, bottle green, or navy blue, this is a voluminous garment fabricated in stout interlock knitted cotton. The advantages are manifold. First, its unglamorous nature makes it an ideal punishment garment - particularly when it is worn with a school gymslip and blouse, and it can be pulled down to the knees for spanking or caning sessions. Second, the generosity of cut means that the waistband will usually be higher than that of the sissy's normal trousers, so if worn under male attire, such as a suit or causal trousers, there is the constant danger of exposing the unmistakable elasticated waistband. Third, and some might find most perversely, is the question of absorbency. One of my favorite punishments is 'corner treatment' - in other words, my husband must stand in the corner, with his hands behind his back or outstretched, like a little child, until I decide how exactly how he will be punished. Sometimes I find I can't quite think of a suitable punishment, so I have a drink and read a book for a while, whilst he stays motionless in the corner.

Doubtless other wives have done this, but my little twist is to make him drink two liters of mineral water before he is sent to the corner. Fairly soon he will be begging for permission to go to the lavatory. Naturally this is always refused.  Now I know I can look up from my book to the delicious sight of him squirming not to wet himself. This is when I know it is time to pin up his skirt so the knickers are in plain view. It's even more fun when I have a few friends around. The laws of nature being what they are, naturally he always fails to control his bladder, and I have the pleasure of watching a sudden wet stain appear between his legs. Only he and I know the pleasure to come when I shall beat him for his panty wetting, using his soaking knickers as a gag to stop him crying out. School knickers are extremely comfortable to wear, more comfortable indeed than most men's underpants and very hard wearing. Also, should the wearer be unable to visit the toilet for a prolonged length of time e.g. on a shopping trip or a long car journey, the school knickers can be comfortably covered with a pair of plastic pants so as to reduce the risk of any little 'accidents' and being quite absorbent no other 'protection ' is required.

The second type of knickers are known as the 'directoire' knickers, or bloomers. Typically it is made of stretchy knitted satiny acetate. These again have a high elasticated waist, and long legs ending in a delightful elasticated ruche at mid thigh. No normal woman under the age of 65 would, of course, be seen dead in them, which is what makes them so appealing to us dominants.. Though I must confess, they are extremely practical in terns of warmth - coming down to well over the stocking top. I borrow his to go skiing. Anyway, they are both humiliating, and terribly sensual, for submissive husbands to wear. And being even higher waisted - and made of unmistakably satin fabric - they are a dead giveaway when seen peeking out over the masculine trouser waistband.

Knicker three is probably my favorite - incontinence knickers. Again few women would choose to wear this garment, and husbands hate  them.  Imagine being made to wear a full-cut plastic institutional type knicker over your normal underwear or better still with a nappy underneath?  That's it - but it gets better - a plastic directoire  knicker not just coving the bottom but extending well down each leg. The epitome of humiliation. One disadvantage is that they are useless for spanking - the nappy gives too much protection so they MUST be pulled down before punishment sessions.

(Knicker four - added by John  with permission from Jane 20/2/06

Of course there is another style of knickers/panties as well as those already discussed.  These are ‘cheerleaders’ panties, probably the sexiest of all styles of knickers.

Firstly because they are meant to be seen, and are worn by cheerleaders, ice skaters and dancers, all wearing very short flouncy skirts that fly up exposing their pantie clad bottoms. The panties are invariably of very bright colours, canary yellow, shades of blue, bright red and pristine white, never black or grey, and made of the shiniest of material.

They are not suitable for men to wear as they are designed for the female bottom, covering the whole of the buttocks and high-waisted with the waistband up to the navel.

However, they could be used on men as a ‘petticoat’ punishment, as their bright colour would cause them considerable embarrassment if accidentally seen by other men or women. )

For directoires, standards have slipped. If anyone can find Walker-Reid undies please let me know, meanwhile try:


for a range of specialist garments including delightful lace-trimmed bloomers. In the UK the genuine article can be found at Woods of Morecambe who sell a fine range of traditional feminine underwear, including the classic acetate directoire - almost knee length - and a shorter pantie, They are excellent value, and can be found at: 


For regulation school knickers, try Academy Wear at: 



or Sussex Consultants Mail order only - Information here

For plastic knickers don't be cheated by some of the so-called specialists try:


or http://www.hygia-versand.com/

 or http://www.lovingcomfort.com/Plastic_pants

Try the Promenade Dance Shoppe at:


They have stunningly gorgeous frilly knickers (called pettipants) in a variety of lengths from brief to ankle-length and delightful petticoats for a fraction of the cost. They will also embroider a name on a garment, which I think is a  rather sweet form of further humiliation. If you have trouble with your little chap rebelling have a look at the following for a few ideas:

The Art of Caning

The Cane



http://www.viva-medical.com/ click on the catalogue/comfort tabs


Remember, it's fun to send your husband shopping but it's even better to take him and watch him squirm as you make your selection. You certainly have to be cruel to be kind, 

Love  Jane