DIY Open Butt Plug


We made our own open butt plug (see images) from a piece of 20 mm ( Ed apx 0.8" )water pipe with a screw adaptor glued to the end, this had a 20mm plug removable plug installed. The tube was 70mm ( Ed apx 2.75" )long and we fitted it with a stainless wire that was attached to her waist band and wired the plug into place.

Later on we added a capped enema tube which allowed her to enema herself while plugged in preparation for a plug removal movement (usually 1 hour after enema in the morning). 

It worked really well, in an 8 month period she wore it off and on and in the later period wore it continuously for about 9 weeks with no removal. Usually she would enema and then after 1 hour I would remove plug and after she dumped the initial load then we fitted a diaper and she leaked the rest over the day through the open hole, night times we closed her butt but often gave a small enema at bedtime.

The biggest problem was it protruded 20mm ( Ed apx 0.8" ) from her butt and she couldn't really sit down very well although we did get her a cushion with a hole, mostly she laid on her side on the couch and at night, her walk changed a bit but that was also down to the diaper bulk as well.

In the end she started to leak around the plug and we moved her to full time diapers and a solid plug as required.

The writer would be interested to hear your comments, thoughts and/or ideas on how this device could  be improved.

Have you tried to make anything similar? if so, let us know how you got on.


Return Meo sell a range of 5 butt plugs with which you can achieve a partial feeling of what this plug is like to wear. You may need these closure plugs to stop any leaks?

Or...maybe something like these from Drakes in the Netherlands?



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